Airman's Attic

The Airman's Attic is a place where select Airmen & their families can obtain free, gently used, donated household goods. These items are intended to help ease the financial burden young airmen often face trying to establish and maintain a household, as well as cycle no longer needed items throughout our community. New Items ranging from baby supplies to household decorations, and even to clothing for the whole family, including Active Duty uniforms, can be found at the attic daily!

We are now again accepting donations!
For more information on what donations are acceptable, as well as, daily postings about current items and other store news be sure to join our Facebook Group!

 The Airman's Attic is being sponsored, by the Inland Northwest Enlisted Spouses Club and runs solely on volunteers!

 We accept volunteers from any organization and rank and they are necessary to keep this great organization running. Child care is also available for any volunteers. If interested we encourage your to fill out our Volunteer form during any of our business hours! If you have any questions about volunteering or about childcare, please refer to our Facebook Page, Contact us through our E-mail at [email protected], Or come in and meet us in person!

The Attic will be reopening for 2016 Starting January 12th! 

Hours of Operation:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10am to 2pm (E5 and below)
and 530pm to 7pm ( all ranks)
Wednesday: 10am to 12pm (all ranks)
Thursday: 10am to 2pm (all ranks)
Friday: Closed